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How to get around

The underground line U2 directly connects the Airport with the main railway sta­ti­on and the city centre. Al­ter­na­ti­vely you can take the bus line 32 to Nürn­berg Thon or 33 to Nürn­berg Buch. The night bus N12 ensures a connection on Friday nights, Saturday nights and the nights before public holidays.

Top-Ver­bin­dungen in Nürn­berg (EN) – Die U-Bahnlinie U2 verbindet den Flug­ha­fen direkt mit dem Nürn­berger Haupt­bahn­hof. Die Fahr­zeit beträgt gerade einmal 13 Mi­nu­ten. Die Bus­linien 30, 33 sowie der N12 ergänzen das An­ge­bot vor Ort. (01.06.2017, VGN © VGN GmbH)

From Airport to City Center:

Take the U2. After arriving at the main sta­ti­on, change to U1 train (direction: Fürth Hardhöhe). Leave the train at "Lorenzkirche" or "Weißer Turm". Price level A.

From Airport to Exhibition Center:

Change underground lines at main sta­ti­on ("Haupt­bahn­hof"). The U1 line (to "Langwasser Süd") will bring you to the trade fair in about 20 mi­nu­tes. Price level A.


Nürn­berg Flug­ha­fen
Ihre Ver­bin­dung zum Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürn­berg
Nürn­berg Flug­ha­fen
Ver­bin­dung ab Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürn­berg
U-Bahn U2
Röthenbach - Plärrer - Haupt­bahn­hof - Flug­ha­fen
Buslinie 30
Nürn­berg Nordostbahn­hof - Flug­ha­fen - Am Wegfeld - Erlangen Arcaden - Haupt­bahn­hof - Hugenottenplatz
Buslinie 33
Nürn­berg Flug­ha­fen - Almoshof - Am Wegfeld - Buch - Höfles - Fürth Rathaus - Fürth Haupt­bahn­hof
Buslinie N12
Haupt­bahn­hof - Maxfeld - Flug­ha­fen



Schienennetz Nürn­berg-Fürth – Gültig ab 01.12.2019 - Stand: De­zem­ber 2019

Tickets & fares

Tickets & fares

  • Nürn­berg-Fürth-Stein Area (incl. Airport), price level A
  • Entire VGN Area, price level 10
  • All fares: Check price level by entering the starting point and destination in our timetable. The price level and all available tickets will be displayed. Just click "fare zone".
  • Free travel with your airline ticket: please consider the leaflet issued with your airline ticket for more details.

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